Today I’ll go over the second part of my top 10 housing trends list from Salt Lake Creative Homes.

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I noticed so many great trends at Salt Lake Creative Homes that I couldn’t fit them all into one discussion, so here’s the second half of my top 10:

6. Light fixtures with Edison bulbs. This was a really big one—I don’t know if there was a single home without at least one fixture with an Edison bulb in it. If you’re considering redoing your lighting, keep this in mind.

7. Open shelving in the kitchen. This is a neat concept if you’re really clean and don’t have a lot of clutter in your cupboard.


8. A free-standing tub in the master bathroom. This has been a hot trend for the last three or four years. This wasn’t in just the high-end homes—it was in several other homes in the master suite as well.

9. Pendant lights in the bathroom vanity. This was a new trend this year. Instead of just the light bar, they had pendant lights that hung down in front of the mirror.

10. Crystal resin doorknobs. Door hardware was a big thing. It was very rare that I saw a traditional lever or doorknob. Everyone had their own take on door hardware, and I love it because I myself was searching for hardware because we’re redoing our doors this month!

If you noticed any trends I missed or have any questions about any of these trends and applying them to your current or future home, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to speak with you.