Today I’ll go over the first part of my top 10 housing trends list from Salt Lake Creative Homes.

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I noticed some great trends at Salt Lake Creative Homes this year. I’ve got a top 10 list but today, I’ll just go over the first five.

There are definitely a few things I noticed that are emerging as common themes in the national housing market.

1. The chalkboard wall. Several homes had a chalkboard wall. Some had them in common rooms like kitchens, while other homes had chalkboard walls in children’s rooms.

2. Patterned tile. I have mixed feelings about patterned tile. When I say patterned tile, I mean that the tile itself is arranged in a certain pattern or has a certain geometric shape. For several years, I’ve been telling homeowners to get rid of their 1970s patterned tile, so I’m struggling with the fact that I’ll have to do that again in five to seven years. But I guess some people think it’s cute right now.

I did like the patterned tile in one home. They just had a small backsplash with patterned tile, so it wasn’t overdone. If you have to do patterned tile, I would definitely recommend that you use it in small amounts.


3. Wall treatments. Many people are dressing up walls with painted boards or repurposed barn wood. This is a cool way to make your room look unique.

4. Gray cabinets with blue and green tones. These cabinets are really pretty and a refreshing change from all of the white kitchens we’ve seen the last few years.

5. All-white exteriors. Homes are being painted in white or off-white colors. There are even some painted brick homes out there. These homes are then paired with a black or dark brown roof and gutters, which creates a very sharp look.

Stay tuned for my next video where I’ll go over the last five trends from Salt Lake Creative Homes.

In the meantime, let me know if there are any other interesting trends that you’ve noticed or if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!